Introduction to the SAP .Net Connector


DataXstream’s XstreamConnector provides a robust, high performance tool to receive SAP IDOCS. These IDOCs are then persisted to an SQL database that can be used for any other application

This article describes one of the SAP components used by the DataXstream XstreamConnector to facilitate this process.

[Editor's Note]
This blog is first of a multi-part series describing how to use the SAP .NET Connector:

  1. Introduction to the SAP .Net Connector
  2. Building an SAP .NET Connector Proxy
  3. Using the SAP .Net Connector in Visual Studio 2008


The SAP .Net Connector is a software component supplied by SAP that makes it possible to communicate between an SAP host and a .Net program. Any .Net language can be used with the SAP .Net Connector.

Where to Find It

You can download the SAP .Net Connector from You will have to provide your SAP Marketplace user ID and password.

What it Does

The SAP .Net Connector gives a .Net program access to an SAP host. The .Net program can logon to an SAP host and issue SAP Remote Function Calls. Parameters can be passed in to an RFC, and results data can be passed back to the .Net program.

A .Net program can also establish a connection to an SAP IDOC Gateway. The .Net program uses the SAP .Net Connector to send and receive IDOCs. There is full support for transactional integrity for IDOCS moving back and forth between the SAP host and the .Net program.

With this functionality, a Microsoft .Net program has all that it needs to query SAP metadata, call ABAP functions, or send and receive IDOCs.

What it Doesn’t Do

While the SAP .Net Connector takes care of most of the heavy lifting in communicating with an SAP host, there is still considerable work to be done before you can get something useful from it.

In particular, there is no functionality built-in to the SAP .Net Connector for parsing the various data fields from an IDOC. It is up to the receiving program to know what the format of the IDOC is, and how to extract the data from the IDOC.

One other issue to deal with is that the SAP .Net Connector is built for Visual Studio 2003. There is a work around that is easy to use that enables you to use the SAP .Net Connector with newer versions of Visual Studio. Next week we will demonstrate that work around.


  1. I am not able to download the connector. its asking me credientials could you please help me on this

  2. The SAP .NET Connector is available to SAP customers. You are required to log in with an OSS ID and password. If you do not have an OSS ID, contact your BASIS administrator to either get an OSS ID or have them download the SAP .NET Connector for you.

  3. Srinivas says:


    I would like to integrate SharePoint 2010 with SAP.
    The purpose is to just show the data from SAP.

    Is using .NET connector the right way (Seems little complicated in connecting to SAP and using BAPI functions which is again an outdated method)

    Wouldnt exposing the SAP data needed as a service and using the same to show it in SharePoint a better way.

  4. Jorge Mario says:

    Hi all…

    This was to much time ago…. at the day, there is a way to do this with a free software library or maybe asp .net connector 3.0 could help?


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