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DataXstream Summer Internship Program 2015: An Opportunity at Experience

As a leading SAP Systems Integration and Consulting firm, DataXstream’s teams deliver superior customer satisfaction from system architecture to enterprise support and product development. We are known for our years of experience and because of this defining characteristic DataXstream has the ability to offer an educational opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students to learn from our dedicated staff of SAP experts. Every summer we offer paid full-time or part-time internships in the information technology and marketing fields, which provide development and career opportunities for our interns. Our internship opportunities include positions such as Jr. Software Developer, Jr. Project Manager, Jr. Business Analyst, and Jr. Marketing Coordinator.

“We are very passionate about our work at DataXstream, we like to find young people interested in technology with that same passion, and help them along their career path” says DataXstream’s CEO, Tim Yates.

Interns are given individual action learning assignments that are current and relevant to DataXstream’s projects, while working in a team environment composed of other interns and a mentor. Interns are exposed to a variety of tasks involving ABAP, order management, and point of sale functionality skills. All interns are assigned a mentor to lead them through their work and learning process, helping them to enhance their IT skills and knowledge. At the end of the summer, interns present their completed learning assignment to the DataXstream team. The benefits of this opportunity reach further than the wonderful learning experience, we treat our interns as if they are currently employed to help them understand their education through the lenses of a real world job. Interns are issued a company computer and office space to efficiently complete assignments. At the conclusion of the program, interns will receive a certificate of completion and letter of recommendation. In the past we have also awarded additional internship opportunities and even full-time employment to successful candidates. Interested in participating in the summer internship program in 2016? Submit your resume by contacting Cassandra Podskalny, Director of Human Resources at chibbard@dataxstream.com.

Cassandra Hibbard Podskalny

About The Author

Cassandra Hibbard Podskalny joined DataXstream in 2010 and was an integral part of the team through her resignation in 2016.

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