May 12

SAP Public Sector Point Of Service

DataXstream OMS+ Public Sector Point Of Service Solution For SAP Customers

OMS+ is a public sector point of service solution for SAP customers.  It enables you to simplify customer transactions across your organization.  Manage permits, collect funds, sell services, and inventory managed products directly in your SAP system. All from one simple to use interface.

SAP public sector customers often operate as multiple complex companies under a single organization.  Connecting customers and processes across the organization is critical to success. It requires a flexible point of service solution that can be leveraged across your entire organization. Live integrated transactions are a requirement of any modern public sector system.  Simplify your organization and connect processes in real-time with OMS+ and  SAP S4HANA.

OMS+ Public Sector Point of Service Benefits

Consolidate Information and Create One View of Your Customer Across Your Entire Organization
Improve Customer Service and Create a Consistent Interaction Experience
Simplify Your Technology Stack and IT Skills Requirements
Create Live Visibility to Operations and Implement Consistent Financial Controls Across The Organizations
Simplify Staff Training and Increase Resource Mobility Within The Organization
Simplify Payment Processing, Consolidate and Simplify End of Day Closing Processes

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Cassandra Hibbard Podskalny

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