Leaving a Smaller Footprint on our Earth

Throughout the ages, science and technology have brought a great number of benefits to our world.  At the same time, they have  caused unforeseen degradation of the earth’s ecosystems.  As humans have grappled with these contradictions over the past few decades, we have sought to develop new technologies, as well as engage in new practices that continue to encourage the flourishing of the human population, while at the same time leaving a smaller environmental footprint on the lands, waters, and creatures we cherish.

At DataXstream, we understand the need for environmental stewardship and sustainability.  As a result, we have sought to encourage technologies and engage in business practices that promote the health and well-being of the earth and its inhabitants.


Since 2002, DataXstream has embraced virtualization, implementing this technology in our own offices and helping other companies virtualize their SAP landscapes.

Virtualization helps companies leave a smaller footprint on the earth by reducing energy use and lowering carbon emissions.  Larger businesses typically need entire rooms dedicated to server storage and  cooling systems just to keep the servers running.  With virtualization, less physical servers are needed, and as a result, heat generation decreases.  This in turn ensures that energy consumption needed for cooling decreases.  In many cases, virtualization can cut down on hardware by 50%.  Having fewer servers also means less server maintenance and less need for backup power.


Since its founding, DataXstream has sought ways to make our workplace more environmentally sustainable, including:

  • We participate in Dominion’s Green Power Program, a voluntary renewable energy program that helps add more renewable energy to Dominion’s power pool, creates verifiable environmental benefits, supports renewable energy education and outreach programs, and stimulates the market for renewable energy.
  • Our Server Room leverages a Trane XLI 20 series air conditioner.  This air conditioner, which meets Energy Star’s requirements, has received one of the  highest energy efficiency rating of any air conditioner currently available.
  • All our lights are environmental LED lights, one of the most environmentally friendly light sources out there, other than natural sunlight itself!  LED light bulbs do not contain any hazardous substances, use a lot less power upfront, generate a lot less heat, and ultimately reduce the amount of carbon emissions from power plants.  Environmental LED lights also have a much longer life span, which cuts down on the amount of bulbs ending up in  landfills.
  • We leverage a TEDS 5000 energy monitoring tool to closely monitor the usage of our electric at our buildings.
  • We just replaced our HVAC equipment in Williamsburg with new 16 SEER systems, which are double the efficiency of the previous 8 SEER equipment.
  • Our company cars are hybrids.  The Chevy Volt functions as a pure electric battery vehicle until its battery capacity is depleted; at that time, the gasoline engine kicks in to power an electric generator.
  • Many of our employees telecommute to work, cutting down on the energy consumption that is  associated with travel.