X Marks The Spot

Why DataXstream is the Difference Between Having a Job and Having a Job that You Love

DataXstream, one of the industry’s leading providers for SAP Integration in Systems Architecture Consulting, is an ideal place to begin or continue an SAP consulting career.  Our employees are our greatest asset and they are treated that way.  They are provided with a comfortable and positive working environment; somewhere they enjoy going to everyday.  At the same time, we foster the growth and advancement of our employees through teamwork, training, individual development, and new challenges that expand their abilities.

What We Have To Offer

  • Self-Development and Improvement: Our work environment and culture fosters and pushes personal and professional growth and advancement.
  • Feeling of Importance: Tired of feeling like just one of the masses?  Each member of the DataXstream team is respected and noticed throughout all levels of the company.
  • Variety: No one SAP integration project or client is ever the same, which means your job is always changing.  You will always be learning and doing new things.
  • Teamwork: Don’t settle for being stuck in a cubicle and virtually forgotten.  At DataXstream, we work and collaborate with colleagues on various SAP projects and tasks.
  • Autonomy: At the same time, you are also given independence and responsibility to complete projects without being micro-managed.
  • Ambition: We pride ourselves at being the best at what we do and going beyond the expectations of our customers.  Our main focus is the customer’s needs.
  • Growing Industry: CNNMoney.com cites System Engineers, IT Business Analysts, and Software Developers as 3 of the top 7 growing jobs in the next 10 years.  DataXstream is growing due to the continuous advancements in technology, creating a higher need for the SAP products and consulting services we provide.
  • Company Stability: While others are faltering, DataXstream is growing and continues to be profitable
  • Reputation: Our reputation is proven by the 100% project success rate and 100% positive reference rate by our customers.  Check out our Success Stories for a closer look.
  • Competitive Benefits Package: We offer a competitive compensation package that includes a base salary, 401k plan, profit-sharing plan, medical insurance, and bonus opportunities.

“I enjoy working at DataXstream because they manage the team of SAP Integration Consultants very well.  You are assigned to projects that utilize your strengths to the fullest but also challenge you to expand your knowledge and expertise.  My job is always engaging and I am constantly learning and mastering new skills from different projects and the collaborative teamwork-based environment we have cultivated.”

Kerry Notestine: SAP Technical Consultant, DataXstream

DataXstream is currently seeking highly-motivated, driven, and goal-oriented professionals for part-time, full-time, and contract jobs.  If you like what DataXstream has to offer, then follow the jobs link and submit your application today.