Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Your data defines your business. The quality of the information you receive and analyze fuels the decisions you make, from your everyday choices to the most strategic and tactical decisions driving your long-term direction.  Just as you would not drive your car at night in the rain without your headlights or windshield wipers on, you should not make important business decisions without reliable and high quality data.  In both cases, without the proper tools on hand, there is no guarantee that you can move forward with any level of success or safety.  At DataXstream, we provide top-tier consulting services in Enterprise Information Management, giving you the tools you need to achieve both high quality data and business success through informed data analysis and decision-making.

DataXstream’s Enterprise Information Management Experience

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the important process of collecting, cleansing, integrating, managing, and governing all enterprise data used by an organization.   The goal of EIM is to ensure that your data is of the highest quality so that you can make informed decisions on behalf of your business, manage your business well, and meet any regulatory requirements that are currently in place.  Over the past decade, DataXstream’s understanding of EIM strategic planning, combined with our deep level of SAP expertise, has allowed us to implement successful EIM solutions for even the most complex business needs. Some of our recent projects have included the following work:

  • Data Migration,
  • Master Data Management,
  • Data Governance Strategy,
  • Full EIM organization build,
  • Data Retention Policies,
  • Data Insight,
  • Data Archiving,
  • Data Quality,
  • Data Profiling,
  • Data Cleansing,
  • Data Warehousing,
  • MDM/MDG Solution Assessments,
  • A&M Strategy with BODS,
  • PLM-ECC Governance,
  • BPM,
  • Architecture and Integration,
  • Implementation of SAP Master Data Subscription Services for 3rd Party Application Support, and
  • Implementation of Master Data Reference Server.