Data Migration and Cleansing

From time to time, it is necessary for you to migrate your data from one system to another.  Whether you are moving data out of an out-dated legacy system, undergoing an upgrade, or merging data after a business acquisition or merger, your needs are the same:  you need to acquire complete, accurate, and consistent master and transactional data with minimal interruption to your business.

The Challenges of Data Migration

While data migration may at first seem like a simple enough exercise, it can soon cause a great deal of anxiety and raised blood pressure levels.  The architecture of your new system and the way it stores data can be very different from your legacy systems.  The data in the legacy systems may be of poor quality.  What this means is that the data in your old system may not meet the criteria set forth by your new system.  Thus, as you attempt to squeeze “square pegs into round holes”, you experience fallout – data does not load and error messages abound.  Add on top of that the redundant data that does load up from the multiple legacy systems and your project turns into a real headache.

Seamlessly Migrating and Cleansing Your Data

Despite the real challenges that do exist, data migration does not have to be such an anxiety-filled activity.  With the proper skill, planning, attention, and patience, it can be done rather seamlessly.  When it comes to data migration, DataXstream has years of experience under its belt to ensure a seamless process.  We help our clients build and execute detailed migration plans, which incorporate pre-data migration preparation, the data migration itself, and post-data clean-up.  We help our clients ask the necessary questions, such as:  How much data to move?  How much data to leave behind?  What to automate, and what to execute manually?  We execute the necessary number of data migration test cycles so that the data migration plan can be fine-tuned to achieve ultimate success.  We work with the data as necessary – matching and normalizing idential or similar objects across systems (consolidation), modifing data so that it meets the requirements of the new system (cleansing), adding necessary depth to data (enrichment), and synchronizing and delivering consolidated data across heterogeneous system landscapes (harmonization).  From start to finish, we do everything necessary to make the process as smooth and anxiety-free as possible and to ensure that our clients end up with a tightly integrated and highly structured SAP system with the highest quality data.

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