SAP Retail

The world we live in today is one of unprecedented change: economic, environmental, social, and technological change. These changes have transformed the way we do business, especially in the retail world. The growth of mature markets has slowed and become increasingly competitive, while new markets, like environmental sustainable/green markets, have emerged.

The change that has impacted the retail industry the most is the evolution of the consumer.  Social networking has created a globalized, verbal, and open consumer base. These social trends have given the consumer insight. The technology at their disposal has given them power. Storefronts are now on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Transaction speed and simplicity are now major factors in the purchasing decision. The retail industry’s traditional consumer base has been replaced with a smarter and more demanding one.

Where some see unwelcome challenges, we at DataXstream see great opportunity.  Our tailored solutions for SAP Retail give retailers tools that allow them to capitalize on the retail revolution and achieve success in today’s business environment.  Our dedicated team of Retail-focused SAP experts, with specialties ranging from technical and functional implementation to custom configuration and strategic project management, enable our customers to realize the full potential of SAP Retail’s highly flexible, configurable, and powerful solution toolset.  Whether you are a food, hardline, or softline retailer, Dataxstream can help you achieve operational and supply chain excellence with your SAP Retail system.  So while others struggle to survive the retail revolution, your business will continue to grow and thrive.

The Benefits of SAP’s Retail Solutions

SAP Retail is a fully integrated retail system that greatly supports your business.   Some of the direct benefits of SAP Retail that DataXstream can help customers maximize include:

  • Streamlined corporate operations;
  • Increased visibility across your entire enterprise;
  • A more efficient supply chain;
  • Greater insight into your customers;
  • Faster response to customers’ demands;
  • Better merchandizing and pricing decisions;
  • Improved employee productivity;
  • A more efficient POS process;
  • An enhanced customer shopping experience; and
  • Cost and time savings.

DataXstream: A Proven Expert in SAP Retail

Since a great number of SAP shops exist these days, you might ask yourselves why, as a retailer, you would choose DataXstream to implement SAP Retail for your business.  It is a good question, and we have a great answer.

Firstly, we at DataXstream are proven experts in SAP, having worked in the SAP world for more than 16 years and having established an excellent reputation.  Simply speaking, we understand SAP extremely well.  You can absolutely trust us with any SAP project.

Secondly, we have a proven track record when it comes to the specifics of SAP Retail. With us on your team, you can expect to implement SAP for Retail 50% faster; have all the unique configurations of the system you need to best reach your business goals, and even have your system customized to improve upon SAP’s already excellent functionality.

Thirdly, we are experts in virtualization,  which means we give you the unique opportunity to virtualize your SAP environment if you so choose.  Many cost-savings and other benefits (including flexibility and increased responsiveness to business growth) can result from a virtualized environment.  For more details on the benefits of virtualization, read here.

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