DataXstream Point of Sale Application

There are three key things a customer wants once a decision to purchase has been made: place an order, make payments, and take delivery. Furthermore, the customer also wants the ability to easily return products and receive a refund. A streamlined and simplified order process enhances the customer experience and speeds throughput.

For store associates, the DataXstream POS application minimizes time spent processing orders, and in turn, maximizes time providing superior customer service.

Core Business Functionality

The DataXstream POS application allows the direct management of order processing in SAP, versus a remote disconnected system. A single interface is used to manage brick-and-mortar store orders, web-orders and customer support functions. This means those with access to order information, see it presented in a consistent layout.

The application runs in real-time on top of SAP, allowing the ability to leverage live reporting of business activity – an invaluable benefit for store operations and management reporting.

Features & Functions

  • Centralized data consolidation
  • Complete cross-channel integration
  • Intuitive end-user design
  • Real-time reporting for store managers
  • Streamlined sales order management
  • Flexible payment and tender
  • Real-time inventory and delivery integration
  • Efficient returns, refunds and exchanges
  • Target Industries -¬†furniture retailers, building supply stores, jewelers and specialty product manufacturers
  • Designed for companies with special order processing, where customers make large dollar purchases involving one or more deposit payments
  • Purpose Built for SAP

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