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Operating in the Public Sector requires commitment to the mission and to the citizens you serve. At DataXstream, we understand this and provide the highest levels of quality and dedication in the Industry. OMS+ Point of Service stands ready to meet the unique challenges of the Public Sector.


Delivering exceptional customer service while under constant pressure to operate within budget is a challenge all government agencies must meet. The thoughtful design and powerful processing OMS+ Point of Service brings to your customer facing operations help to alleviate these challenges. We offer tools that make your municipality successful and your customers smile.


In the internet age, we are ever mindful regarding the security of our personal information. OMS+ Point of Service safely protects your data, as well as the data of the many external agencies and service providers you exchange information with. From credit card processing to tax records and utility bills, DataXstream employs industry leading encryption and secure transaction processing.

Public sector businesses often operate as multiple complex companies under a single organization. Connecting customers and processes across the organization is critical to success. In today’s world, protecting our customer and their data is essential. Live integrated transactions are a requirement of any modern public sector system. Simplify your organization and connect processes in real-time with OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA.

Public Sector Features

Public Sector Features


OMS+ Point of Service enables collections for traffic citations, taxes, parking fees, permits, licenses and more from any OMS+ interface across your organization. Customer centric payments offer flexibility including split tender and make it easy for your customer to pay their bill.

Customer Enablement

OMS+ Point of Service empowers your citizens giving them access to relevant data online. Allowing citizens access to customer friendly and efficient self service improves customer experience and reduces service associate workload.

Agency Integration

OMS+ Point of Service leverages DataXstream’s proprietary XstreamConnector technology to provide your organization with seamless integrate to external agencies.

Licensing and Permitting

OMS+ Point of Service allows you to create and maintain; registration, licensing, and permit processes across multiple public sector organizations. All from one streamlined interface in SAP S/4HANA.

Customer Account Management

OMS+ Point of Service maintains customer information, account balances, detailed transaction and conversation histories. Access this information at the point of service for improved customer satisfaction.

Payment Processing

OMS+ Point of Service gives you the ability to flexibility collect funds from your customers. Process credit, debit, cash, multi-tender, plus on-account payments from one simple interface. OMS+ flexibility allows you to process those payments through the gateway provider of your choice.

Power Simplified

OMS+ Point of Service provides a beautiful user interface that simplifies SAP order management, and provides streamlined user workflows. OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA enables best in class ERP capabilities at your point of service.


OMS+ Point of Service allows you to you aggregate liabilities from internal processes and external systems. Monitor on account balances, take payments, send billing notices and even dunning reminders if necessary.

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