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Why choose between brick and mortar or online when industry data suggests you should offer both? With OMS+ enhanced point of sale and SAP S/4HANA you can deliver real-time, seamless integration across all your sales channels. Create a customer experience that increases customer loyalty and improves your operational efficiency.


Fast, safe and secure transactions are standard. But when your customer requires more, OMS+ delivers. Our customer facing capabilities provide your sales associates the tools to increase revenue with every customer interaction. Use purchase history, related items and integrated promotions to simultaneously increase revenues and build customer relationships.


The right product in the right place at the right time for the right price. Stand-alone POS solutions can not deliver this level of performance. We do. OMS+ enhanced point of sale with SAP S/4HANA delivers an unbeatable combination of power and performance. Real-time multi-site inventory management with built in replenishment models ensure against stock-outs.

New levels of customer experience are critical to create differentiation of products and services to ensure the future success of retailers. The foundation of a modern retail system connects customer sales processes and supply chain in real time on one live integrated platform. Create a live digital core with OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA and enable your business for the future of retail.

Public Sector Features

Public Sector Features

Customer Account Management

OMS+ maintains customer information, account balances, detailed transaction and conversation histories. Access this information at the point of sale to increase sales volume and improve customer service.

Complex Pricing

OMS+ provides best in class pricing capabilities. Unlimited pricing scenarios exist. Specific pricing by customer, store or channel. Discounts and surcharges can be controlled by the user. System controls maximize and protect margins.

Payment Processing

OMS+ gives you the ability to offer your customer advanced payment options. Process credit, debit, cash, multi-tender, plus on-account payments from one simple interface. OMS+ flexibility allows you to process those payments through the gateway provider of your choice.

Seamless Hardware Integration

OMS+ seamlessly connects to the hardware you need to transact with and protect your customer data. Implement barcode scanners, card readers, cash drawers, line displays, printers and more.

Multi-Site Inventory Management

OMS+ provides inventory levels in real time at your stores, warehouses, and alternate locations. Automatically transfer and reallocate inventory as needed.

Power Simplified

OMS+ provides a user friendly interface that simplifies SAP order management, and provides streamlined user workflows. OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA enables best in class ERP capabilities at your point of sale.

Real-Time Reporting

OMS+ gives you live visibility to your organizations sales. Turn your transactional data into key metrics and analyze your business in realtime. Sales volumes, inventory turns, receivables, cash flows. Get the reports you need when you need them.

Mobile Sales

OMS+ provides you the ability to take orders in real-time anywhere in your store using our mobile friendly interface. OMS+ provides you with the information you need to close the sale, in real-time while interacting with your customer.

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