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From the individual home owner, to the subcontractor, to full-service builders, home building products suppliers provide invaluable assistance to the building industry. Staying abreast of the latest advances in technology while monitoring ever-changing styles and market trends keeps top-notch retailers occupied. Put this knowledge and insight at your sales associates fingertips with the power of OMS+. Our sophisticated item search and suggestive selling features help to ensure customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Customer facing functions allow you to track sales by specific jobs and handle complex payment and delivery scenarios.

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Hi-Touch Order Management

Meet the demanding needs of your professional customers with ease. Provide your sales associates with account management tools to access order history, manage sales and deliveries by job sites, and provide on-account billing with flexible payment options. Increase your opportunities for repeat business by building stronger relationships with your key customers.

Related items can be bundled together and used to recommend cross-selling opportunities at the point of sale. Also, OMS+ integrates real-time order history into the sales transaction. Sort history by volume, purchase date, or frequency. This improves customer service and creates further opportunities for suggestive selling and promotions.


Order Allocated Inventory

OMS+ Order Allocated Inventory allows you to reserve or sell product to a customer for shipment at a later date. This allows the particular inventory to be removed from saleable stock and provides a great benefit to many builders and installers.

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