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Performance matters. Gain key insight into your business to increase top-line and bottom-line growth. Increase sales with embedded back-end processes to improve inventory turns and eliminate stock outs. Reduce costs by leveraging real time access and visibility into key aspects of your business allowing you to make more informed decisions.


Elevate your customer experience to new heights. Our powerful in-store order engines provide customer specific order histories, real-time multi-site inventory management, and multiple tendering processes. Engage new and retain existing customers with your ability to help them manage their businesses as you grow and strengthen your own.


Beat your competition at their own game. OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA forms the foundation for an unbeatable Omni-channel commerce platform. Deploy best in class order processing, inventory management, and distribution to differentiate your business and stay on top of the supply chain.

Technology is disrupting nearly every industry, and wholesale distribution today is in the center of this disruption. Wholesalers that focus on the customer experience and customer-centric selling processes will position their organizations for success. Connect your organization with live data and processes. Let us show you how OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA creates the digital core that will take your organization’s sales operations to new levels.

Wholesale Features

Wholesale Features

Complex Pricing

OMS+ provides best in class pricing capabilities. Unlimited pricing scenarios exist. Specific pricing by customer, store or channel. Discounts and surcharges can be controlled by the user. System controls maximize and protect margins.

Multi-Site Inventory Management

OMS+ provides inventory levels in real time at your stores, warehouses, and alternate locations. Automatically transfer and reallocate inventory as needed.

Split Tender

OMS+ enables you to accept debit, credit, on account, or cash seamlessly in SAP on a single order. OMS+ give you the flexibility to process those payments through the gateway provider of your choice.

Detailed Item Management

OMS+ allows you to find the products your customer needs. Intuitive user tools allow you to search for product by customer history, attributes, identification numbers and description. OMS+ suggests alternatives and related items during the order transaction.

Supply Chain Integration

OMS+ ensure you have the products your customer needs. Leverage SAP’s best in class supplier management capabilities, automatically reorder essential items and propose purchases for others when needed.

Customer Account Management

OMS+ maintains customer information, account balances, detailed transaction and conversation histories. Access this information at the point of sale to increase sales volume and improve customer service.

Power Simplified

OMS+ provides a beautiful user interface that simplifies SAP order management, and provides streamlined user workflows. OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA enables best in class ERP capabilities at your point of sale.


OMS+ gives you live visaiblity to your organizations sales. Turn your transactional data into key metrics and analyize your business in realtime. Sales volumes, inventory turns, receivables, cash flows. Get the reports you need when you need them.

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