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Excellence in: Food, Service, Atmosphere. It takes all three to have a restaurant that keeps them coming back. For the Restaurant Supplier, running a successful business requires meeting and exceding the restaurateur’s needs. DataXstream’s OMS+ combined with SAP S/4HANA provide the tools to serve your customer better.

Serve Your Customers

Recurring Orders

For your existing account base, OMS+ provides the ability to setup standing orders that automatically ship based on a predetermined quantity and frequency. Template orders can be setup for a common pool of products where the date and quantity are flexible.

Increase the operational performance of your salesforce. Field sales equipped with OMS+ gives your organization the ability to take orders in real-time at the customer site. OMS+ provides you with the information you need to close the sale, in real-time while interacting with your customer. Integrated order history allows you to know your customer buying patterns and creates opportunities for suggestive selling to increase sales.

Mobile Field Sales

Live Customer Purchase History

OMS+ provides realtime purchase history integrated live into the sales transaction. Review and sort purchase item history by volume, purchase date, or frequency. Improve customer service by quickly identifing the items your customer purchases most. Create opportunities for suggestive selling by knowing what your customer purchases and needs. Suggest product alterntives and highlight product promotions.

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