Unified Commerce Begins with SAP S/4HANA

SAP ERP as the Foundation to Unified Commerce

Companies looking to adopt Unified Commerce need to look closely at the foundation of their operations, specifically at the systems that support operations. Consolidating order management is only a small piece of the Unified Commerce puzzle. The key component to Unified Commerce is a centralized system that encompasses merchandising, order management, order fulfillment, accounting, and reporting. SAP calls this the live digital core. If you are running SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA) then you already have the foundation in place for Unified Commerce. It is your existing live digital core. If you are not running SAP ERP and you are looking to realize Unified Commerce for your organization, then you should put SAP S/4HANA at the top of your list of technologies to consider.

Those of you that have been using SAP for years know the power of the platform, it’s flexibility and capability to tightly integrate just about any end to end business process you can design. You will also know that with this power comes complex labor intensive screens, wrapped up in a stone age user interface. Not exactly what you want or expect from a commerce platform of the future. SAP luckily recognized this weakness and over the last 4-5 years has been developing and releasing new technologies to improve user interaction. The center piece of SAP’s latest UI technology is UI5 and Fiori UI design principles.

The SAP User Interface Challenge

Over the last 10 years DataXstream has migrated its focus from the SAP ERP backend, to the front end and the SAP user experience. Helping customers streamline their user interactions with SAP and ultimately streamlining their interaction with their customers.

OMS+ Enables Unified Commerce With SAP. OMS+ is a Platform Not Just A UI Technology.

OMS+ is a UI technology to enable customer assisted interaction with SAP, but it more than just UI technology. It is a comprehensive overlay to SAP ERP to enable Unified Commerce. At its foundation, OMS+ is built on and leverages standard SAP SD. It provides a simple and rich UI that can be navigated by minimally trained users. OMS+ users are functional within hours of being introduced to the interface. OMS+ is designed to enable counter sales, call center interaction, and mobile field sales, across orders from these channels as well as sale from mobile and ecommerce channels. The key to OMS+ is we centralize order processing within your SAP live digital core. OMS+ comes with preconfigured best in class sales processes out of the box or can overlay your existing SAP SD processes, allowing you to move forward without backing up. OMS+ layers in an advanced central order control system to translate the exact position of every order process. Ensuring that the system is always responding with the right answer and ensures the system implements the correct controls. OMS+ also provides advanced integration capabilities that support both live synchronous calls to order processing and asynchronous technology for supporting offline capabilities with external platform components allowing you to integrate your e-commerce and mobile sales directly into your SAP live digital core.

OMS+ and SAP Technologies Combined Represent the Most Powerful Unified Commerce Platform on the Market Today.

SAP ERP creates the foundation for your organizations Unified Commerce platform. Centralizing order processing within your live digital core (SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA) enables real time visibility to your customer and their purchases throughout your organization and enables end to end integration of the entire order fulfillment process in one centralized system. DataXstream’s OMS+ and SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform enables best in class customer facing interactions in the cloud for your stores, call centers, and field sales teams. SAP Hybris offers best in class interaction directly with your mobile and online customers. Combined these technologies allow you to simplify your system landscape and make Unified Commerce a reality today for your organization and your customers.

Unified Commerce A Reality Today