Enterprise Support

The effectiveness of an SAP Enterprise Support model is determined primarily by one factor: attention. In particular, the amount and quality of attention. A body shop would not employ the same lifespan support model to a sports car that it does a minivan. So why settle for a boilerplate Enterprise Support Model? DataXstream provides the critical elements and attention you need to develop and maintain an onshore support model  that is tailored to your needs and is responsive to changes within your organization.

Providing the Critical Elements It Takes For Effective Enterprise Support

It barely needs to be stated that an SAP environment has multiple moving parts and that coordinating them is an ongoing challenge.  It is an ever present reality that various groups within your organization may modify your system in ways that unintentionally disrupt the work of others.  In DataXstream’s experience, the sub-teams within the support organization are good at understanding what they want to do within their realm of expertise but they do not always anticipate what their changes will mean to other teams.

Consequently, DataXstream understands the critical need for process discipline, accompanied by regular, clear, coordinated, and appropriately targeted communication.  Such critical elements minimize the likelihood of one sub-team tripping over another because the impact of any proposed changes within the system has already been anticipated and communicated to all necessary parties.  DataXstream can help you put such critical processes in place.

Supporting Your Needs at Critical Junctures

When it comes to your enterprise support needs, DataXstream has a number of support capabilities to help you meet your goals, including:

Full Post Production Support: Our expertise ranges across the entire SAP spectrum. We are able to provide support services ranging from the early stages of planning and ramp up to resolving technical, functional, and security support issues to ensure long-term internal stabilization and ongoing maintenance.

Planning & Vision: Resolving individual support tickets does not alone ensure successful support of an SAP environment. Our expertise allows us to work with you to establish your long-term vision and plan the appropriate steps to reach those goals. We provide the rare combination of deep SAP expertise and practical business knowledge that allows us to support an entire system on a daily basis while also realizing the big picture and striving towards long-term company goals. Supporting your SAP system is a collaborative undertaking between DataXstream and you.

Adaptation: The Support model proposed is unique to your needs, not a template, or generalized best-practice guideline. We realize that needs, goals, and the outside business environment can change in an instant and we strive to give your support model the flexibility needed to adjust when unexpected changes occur. We also understand that initial roles will change over time as your internal skills and self-sufficiency grows.

Pro-active Support: Our consultants have been through countless SAP lifecycles and have experienced the details of every stage. We know when certain support activities need to be done and can plan pro-actively to resolve them to eliminate unnecessary issues. This high quality predictable pro-active work reduces the amount of unplanned reactive work.