SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) Services

“Included with your purchase is a Thingamajig.  You may not understand it, but trust us, it is very valuable to you.  In fact, you must use it!”  When it comes to SAP, this thingamajig is SAP Solution Manager (SolMan).  DataXstream understands how to implement and leverage Solution Manager’s rich tool set to facilitate systems transparency and collaboration during SAP implementation.  Whether your SAP solution is just getting started or is mature, there are many tools and features within Solution Manager to help improve the management of your SAP solution.

Helping You Get the Most out of your SAP Arsenal with SolMan

DataXstream can help you get the most out of SolMan.  We provide a variety of services to deploy and configure SolMan, and we also educate others on how to best utilize it. These services consist of:

  • Analyzing customer SAP initiatives and mapping out a corresponding deployment plan for Solution Manager to streamline those initiatives.
  • Sizing, installing and attaching Solution Manager into the various SAP landscapes.
  • Configuring Solution Manager to support a new implementation. This includes configuring implementation functions; setup roles, authorizations, and work centers; establishing project management for blueprinting, documentation, testing and training; and finalizing promotion cutover.
  • Configuring Solution Manager to streamline and document an upgrade or expansion initiative.  This includes refining “new implementation” documentation to support any revisions, creating and rolling out configuration templates, instituting Change Management, and performing risk mitigation.
  • Incorporating legacy application integration and support into Solution Manager to build a holistic view of the SAP environment.
  • Deploying “Run SAP” industry best practices to manage and support the heterogeneous environment, including incident management, change requests, diagnostics and root cause analysis.
  • Integrating SolMan’s Service Desk with a Third-Party Service Desk.  This is done by being able to call the SAP Service Desk API’s.  These API’s can be exposed as WebServices that can be called by the Third-Party Service Desk.  To learn how DataXstream integrated SolMan Service Desk with CA (formerly Computer Associates) Service Desk, read Steve Park’s blog.