SAP VMware Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology has forever changed the state of IT landscapes, including SAP infrastructures, by enabling businesses to significantly reduce hardware costs, energy costs, and IT Support, while simultaneously increasing overall systems flexibility and performance. For more than a decade, DataXstream has embraced the benefits of virtualized landscapes. Whether you’re migrating from an existing physical landscape or undergoing a new implementation, whether you are a large business or a small business, DataXstream’s streamlined SAP virtualization solutions allow you to realize the benefits of your virtualized SAP infrastructure to their fullest potential.

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A Decade of Experience with Virtualization

DataXstream has embraced virtualization technology for nearly a decade, beginning with our first use of desktop virtualization in 2002 to better manage our multiple clients and then continuing with our conversion of our SAP datacenter in 2004. Even before virtualization became officially endorsed by SAP in 2007, DataXstream leveraged virtualization’s flexibility and cost saving features to better meet the needs of our SAP customers. Over the years, virtualization technology has given us a competitive advantage in the marketplace, allowing us to rapidly adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the SAP world and clients. Through years of experience, we have been able to streamline a proprietary model to forecast the right hardware and software configuration for SAP, as well as the tuning parameters necessary to insure optimal performance.

We are now on our 4th generation of Dell Virtualization Servers, leveraging Dell’s latest 710 series, which just recently replaced our Dell R900’s. Migration to the new servers was completed in a matter of days and was accomplished with no outage to our internal systems. With our recent upgrade to VMware’s vSphere 4 Enterprise, we are now able to run our entire virtual infrastructure in High Availability (HA).

Over the past 7 years, DataXstream has worked with most storage technologies available, utilizing internal storage, NAS (Network Access Storage), DAS (Direct Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Networks), and Virtual SAN products. We develop techniques to successfully architech our SAP virtual storage infrastructure that are now considered SAP best practices in virtualization.

Let the Experts Virtualize Your SAP Landscape

So you are ready to virtualize. Whether you already have SAP on a physical landscape or you are implementing SAP for the first time, DataXstream can help you. DataXstream is a certified Professional Solutions Provider of VMware virtualization software. Our consultants have completed VmWare education training and are certified by VmWare to install, implement, and optimize their software for any ERP infrastructure. As a certified partner, we also have access to the latest virtualization software technology as well as studies, best practice methodology, and training.

Virtualization Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Unexpected IT outages and loss of data due to natural or human-initiated disasters can unleash a procession of direct and indirect consequences, with both short-term and far-reaching consequences.  At DataXstream, we  deliver innovative, reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions that tap into our deep understanding of virtual infrastructure and take advantage of the inherent disaster recovery capabilities of VMware.