Executive Team

Tim Yates

Timothy Yates

CEO & President

Tim Yates has over 20 years of business experience with the last 15 focused on SAP systems architecture and program delivery.  He has a broad range of experience with a pragmatic, get the job done approach to engagements.  Tim specializes in development of SAP technical strategies and services for clients having successfully lead multiple programs and projects.  His extensive SAP technical and functional background has enabled him to thrive in environments of all sizes and complexities.

Tim has worked in a wide range of industries including: Aerospace & Defense, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution.

His prior experience gives him a unique ability to evaluate client circumstances from different perspectives to provide solutions quickly and effectively.


Mike Burns

Michael Burns

Chief Financial Officer

Mike has 26 years of accounting and finance experience with a specialization in taxation and management of partnerships. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Mike was hired by a small accounting firm in which he soon acquired partner status. In 1995, Mike passed the CPA exam with scores in the top 10% of the nation, and soon thereafter acquired his CPA license.


Mike Burns

Michael Burns

Chief Financial Officer

Mike has 26 years of accounting and finance experience with a specialization in taxation and management of partnerships. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Mike was hired by a small accounting firm in which he soon acquired partner status. In 1995, Mike passed the CPA exam with scores in the top 10% of the nation, and soon thereafter acquired his CPA license.

Changing SAP IDOCs Status In Mass / Mass Deletion Of IDOCs

Mass Change of SAP IDOC Status

From time to time it becomes necessary to change the status of SAP IDOCs in SAP. The most common scenario is the requirement to mark SAP IDOCs for deletion. There is no good way to mass mark IDOCs for deletion via the standard IDOC processing transaction BD87. However there is a program that will let you change status.


CAUTION: This program should be used with great care and consideration. Improper use of this program can result in data consistency issues. Make sure you know what you are deleting, why you are deleting it, and what is required to correctly update you system after deleting.

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Configuring SAP NetWeaver to send Email Externally – SAP Connect

SAP Connect has been around for quite sometime. I am sure there are plenty of documented procedures on setting it up. I recently had to configure it. I have not done this in a long time, so I figured I would capture the setup as well as point out some things to watch for.

SAP Connect can be configured for a number of different message relaying purposes. This blog post will only cover sending E-mail from SAP externally.

Some basic requirements and points:

  • SAP Connect configuration is client dependent. It has to be configured in each client where you want to use it.
  • SAP Connect requires an external SMTP server to send emails.
  • SAP Connect needs to be authorized to use the SMTP server to send emails.
  • You need to have applications configured in SAP that send external emails.

High level outline of process:

  • SMTP Server Details
  • Configuring SAP Connect INT Node
  • Configuring Routes For SAP Connect INT Node
  • Configuring SAP Connect Default Domain
  • Scheduling Send Process
  • Setting Up Your User ID with and External Email Address
  • Testing Your Configuration
  • Monitoring SAP Connect

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How To Configure UNIX Security To Allow SAP To Share A File System With Another UNIX Application

I run into this requirement all the time at clients. My current client is implementing SAP and the development team has decided to build file based interfaces. In this particular case we are implementing interfaces between SAP and JD Edwards.

The basic requirement is as follows: SAP needs to be able to write files that JDE can read/delete and visa-versa JDE needs to write files that SAP can read/delete. Both servers are running UNIX.

High level outline of process:

  1. Define Example Landscape
  2. Create An Integration File System
  3. Export File System and Mount
  4. Example Issues / Scenarios
  5. Creating A New UNIX Group
  6. Set Integration Directory Group Ownership and Permissions
  7. Adjusting The Umask

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Changing the UNIX user UID for the SAP Users sidadm and orasid

SAP System Administrator Unix User Accounts <sid>adm and ora<sid>

You may find it necessary to change the the UID of the sidadm and orasid accounts on your SAP server. The process is not difficult but there are a number of steps that must be followed for it to work correctly. The following is an outline of steps that I have followed in that past on AIX running oracle. Please note you should always test this on a test server to develop a proper procedure for your specific OS and installation. You should also confirm that you have a current backup just in case.
Lets Review The High Level Steps

  • Confirm backups are in place and current. Validate the restore procedure.
  • Review the current SAP UNIX user setup and develop list of required changes.
  • Backup the current passwd file.
  • Create a backup list of files owned by the user being changed.
  • Stop SAP System and processes owned by <sid>adm.
  • Stop Oracle and processes owned by ora<sid>.
  • Restart the server.
  • Change user UID mapping.
  • Change file ownership to new UID mapping.
  • Restart the server.
  • Restart SAP and Validate server started correctly.

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SAP ABAP Performance Tuning – High CPU Utilization, Low DB Activity

So I have been working on a list of blog topics.  I actually have an outline that is 3 pages long, but I am not going to blog on any of the topics on the outline because my experience this week at the client site I think was useful and relevant.  We are at crunch time.  A lot of things have stacked up and as usual we are working to a very aggressive deadline.  In recent years I have typically held many leadership roles on SAP projects.  Usually heading up the technical team, working as the project architect or serving as the overall project manager for the SAP project.  In my current roll I heading up the Basis Team in a very hands on role.  I have been doing my best not to interfere with the development team.  The development team is headed up by a good friend of mine and a very talented senior SAP consultant. This week we have had a number of SAP performance defects logged.  Upon a quick initial analysis it was clear that the SAP performance issues were not  Basis related.  The development team is currently buried in the perfect storm of conversions finally coming together and the test team finally kicking the tires on the rest of the delivered development interface objects. This gave me the opportunity to pitch in get my hands dirty and look at some code and performance issues. We knocked off a significant SAP ABAP performance issue with a 100 fold improvement when all was said and done. Looking back on the problem it was obvious to me, but I missed a couple of clues that should have pointed me to the problem even sooner.  This is what this blog post is about.

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DataXstream is a GOLD Sponsor of the 2008-2009 Team Summit


DataXstream goes for the Gold with Team Summit.  Read more about Team Summit in the full post.

ts_logo_ds-originalTeam Summit is a non-profit competitive ski and snowboard club dedicated to providing a safe, fun, goal oriented environment while promoting character development through athletics.  By taking advantage of Colorado’s best terrain: Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin, our focus is on producing great athletes and great people.  Our expert and professional coaches are available for some of the best training and racing opportunities anywhere in the world due to our naturally long season and consistent snow and weather!

DataXstream Announces Virtual Integration Infrastructure at SAP® TechEd 2008 Las Vegas

Customers Can Integrate Now with Virtual Integration Infrastructure from DataXstream

LAS VEGAS, NV – Sept. 9, 2008

DataXstream today announced at SAP® TechEd 2008 Las Vegas availability of its Virtual Integration Infrastructure (VII): a powerful integration platform delivered as a utility service.  DataXstream VII provides simplicity and affordability by pairing a comprehensive hosted integration platform with DataXstream’s deep integration experience.

“This is a great opportunity for DataXstream to maximize the value we bring to customers,” said Tim Yates, DataXstream CEO.  “Our Virtual Integration Infrastructure allows us to implement full-functioned, end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) infrastructure in a matter of weeks.  With DataXstream VII we free customers from the burdens of implementing and managing integration scenarios.  We enable their IT resources to focus on activities that provide greatest business impact.”

The Virtual Integration Infrastructure (VII) by DataXstream is the world’s first offering in the burgeoning Middleware-As-A-Service (MAAS) market.  By leveraging the first full-functioned EAI platform available as a service, DataXstream delivers world-class integration capabilities at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional implementation.  This type of utility based computing in the cloud is gaining momentum because it lowers development and support costs while meeting business requirements.    MAAS is especially suitable for organizations that would not like to maintain an in-house data movement and transformation infrastructure.

In addition to a world-class technical solution, the VII platform is supported by DataXstream’s deep integration expertise.  DataXstream integration specialists work with customers every step of the way—interface design, build, implementation, and support—to ensure integration scenarios not only fulfill the business needs for system integration, but do so in a cost-effective, robust, and secure manner.

“DataXstream VII scales with you,” said Craig Stasila, principal technical architect.  “Our support team monitors system usage and availability to ensure that you have the resources you need, when you need them.”

DataXstream’s utility pricing means you only pay for the resources you use–similar to your mobile telephone bill.  All inclusive pricing means an end to up-front software costs and maintenance fees, the overhead of server maintenance, hardware and operating system support, and the ever-increasing heating and cooling requirements of a modern IT infrastructure.  DataXstream VII offers a real cost savings over any alternatives.

SAP TechEd 2008 is SAP’s largest ecosystem education event of the year, which is being held Sept. 8-12. DataXstream is exhibiting at TechEd in booth 23.

About DataXstream, LLC
Since 1996 DataXstream has been providing world class integration and infrastructure consulting services to companies running SAP solutions.  DataXstream specializes at integrating heterogeneous platform landscapes to deliver seamless business solutions.

In recent years the DataXstream portfolio has expanded to include software development and integration of products complementary to SAP applications.

DataXstream is a participant in the SAP Referral program.

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

SAP Exchange Infrastructure – JMS for Oracle AQ Setup Instructions

By: Timothy Yates and Wess Tobler


This document gives step-by-step instructions on how to install, setup, and configure the JMS adapter to communicate with Oracle AQ Messaging.  Oracle AQ and the SAP XI adapter are not compatible as delivered by SAP and Oracle.

DataXstream adapter software was developed to bridge the incompatibilities between the SAP JMS adapter and Oracle AQ.

SAP Exchange Infrastructure – JMS for Oracle AQ Setup Instructions

Eli Lilly: Leveraging SAP XI In Your Landscape

Title: Eli Lilly: Leveraging SAP XI in Your Landscape: Costs, Benefits, Lessons Learned

By: Timothy Yates and Scott Sanneman

Key Learning Points:

  • This presentation will give you a solid starting point for determining / cost justifying an SAP XI Implementation.
  • This presentation will give you specific considerations that need to addressed up front in order to control scope creep and cost.
  • This presentation will give you specific technical lessons learned that can potentially impact implementation timeline, delivery quality and overall implementation cost.

Eli Lilly: Leveraging SAP XI in Your Landscape