Sep 15

DataXstream Can Integrate Anything To SAP – Even A Toaster!

bluetoasterWhy would you integrate a toaster with SAP?

SAP integration is our specialty. We figure that if we can integrate SAP to a toaster, we can integrate SAP to anything! From shop floor-automation, warehouse automation, accounts receivable, human resource management systems and, well, toasters, DataXstream is the leader in SAP integration.

How do you integrate a  toaster with SAP?

How did we integrate SAP to a toaster? First, we created a custom ABAP application on our SAP R/3 4.7 Enterprise application server. This custom program calls a RFC on our SAP Netweaver Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 (XI) server. The XI server converts the RFC call into a web service XML message. The web service message is sent to a custom web service application implemented on Microsoft IIS 6.0. The web service application receives the XML message and uses a .NET DLL to communicate with a programmable logic controller (PLC) server. The PLC server communicates with a PLC that controls a stepper motor. The stepper motor is attached to the handle of the toaster. The handle is lowered to start the toaster and raised when the appropriate amount of time has elapsed. In addition to the SAP integration, DataXstream resources handled every step of the process including .NET programming and hardware fabrication.

Video of DataXstream Toaster Integration With SAP

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