Apr 16

Cforia Webinar – SAP Deductions Avoidance & Recovery

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Learn how $1 million in deductions recovery can have the same positive impact as $20 million in revenue growth.

Are your company’s big box retail customers attempting to deal with the current difficult economic environment by aggressively applying deductions to enhance their bottom lines?  Learn how to prevent your customers from hurting your bottom line as they enhance theirs.

Join us on Thursday, April 23 as Cforia Software shares a business improvement process that was developed in conjunction with one of its leading customers to avoid and recover deductions.

The resultant process improvement increased the company’s deductions recovery by 8% and adds $1.8 Million to their bottom line every year.  Attend this webinar to learn how enhanced SAP deductions and disputes workflows will immediately improve your A/R performance:

  • Differentiate between 3 classes of deductions
  • Use root cause analysis to avoid deductions
  • Get management and credit analyst buy-in to a deductions recovery process
  • What do you do when a single payment is accompanied with 20,000 lines of obscurely formatted remittance advice?

Speaker: Chris Caparon (Consulting VP, Cforia Software) – Chris began business consulting in 1994 to leverage his broad range of business process knowledge and technical background.  Over the next six years, Chris ran a 20 person consulting, sales and programming practice focused on implementing ERP applications and business process re-engineering.  He successfully ran over fifty projects across multiple business models.  As a result of his extensive experience in ERP software systems, he decided to focus his efforts on the weakest element in these packages: A/R management.  He has successfully implemented over 75 customers including NAPA Auto Parts, Citizen Watch, Teledyne, Stryker Medical and Ashley Furniture.

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