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Cforia Webinar May 20, 2009 – Learn the Benefits of tracking SAP Clean and Dirty Receivables Separately

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Most SAP Implementations do not track clean (uncontested, high collection probability) and dirty (invoice line items subject to deductions and disputes) separately.

Cforia Software shares a business improvement process that will help your company better understand the meakeup of your Account Receivable Portfolio and improve the financial performance at the same time.

Attend Cforia’s webinar on May 20, 2009 as Chris Caparon, Vice President Professional Services, discusses the benefits of, and guidelines for seperately tracking clean and dirty receivables.

  • Improve Cash Forecast Accuracy
  • Avoid over statement of New Receivables Value
  • Address auditor concerns about valid long term receivables by a means other than automatic write off’s
  • Handling of Litigation Accounts
  • Raise collector productivity and Cash Flow by calculating and prioritizing the correct amount to ask for
  • Seed up routing to the Deductions Department and increase recover rate

A practical demonstation will show how Automation Tools can track Clean and Dirty Receivables separately.

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