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Issues with GuiXT and the SAP GUI

GuiXT is a scripting environment that allows for the creation of huge macros in the SAP GUI environment.  The HP testing product LoadRunner uses GuiXT to generate user load for system stability testing purposes.  This document is designed to show you how to install the GuiXT plug-in if it isn’t already, and how to fix some errors that are less than descriptive.

GuiXT is a SAPGUI plug-in that is selected during the launch pad install.  If you don’t select it during the initial install, you can run the installer again and select only GuiXT.

SAP Netweaver Front-End Installer

If everything is working correctly when you open a GUI session, you will see “Activate GuiXT” under the “Customize Local Layout” menu.

Neither the author of this article nor DataXstream can be held responsible if the reader breaks the registry while making this correction.  Whenever working inside the registry, it is good practice to take a full back-up before continuing.  Also break up any keys before directly editing them.

To open the registry editor click ‘Start’->’Run’ and enter regedit.

Windows Runline

The registry editor window appears:

Registry Editor

To take a full back-up of the registry, click ‘File’->’Export’ while ‘My Computer’ is highlighted:

Registry Editor File Menu

Save the file somewhere you won’t forget and with a name you will easily recognize:

Export Registry File View

With the full backup, we can now feel safe as we make our changes.  Drill down through the tree starting with
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSAPSAGUI FrontSAP Frontend ServerAdminstration.
Look for a key titled DisappearItems.  If it exists, export by following the previous steps with just that key highlighted, then delete the key.

Registry Editor

The option ‘Activate GuiXT’ should now be available in the Customize layout menu.

Another issue that I’ve seen with GuiXT in regards to LoadRunner is LR not being able to find the GuiXT Dynamic Link Library (.dll) when excuting a test script.  The fix is easy; Copy ‘guixt.dll’ from the directory path C:Program FilesSAPFrontEndSAPgui to C:WINDOWSsystem32.

These fixes assume that you have administrative access to your computer.  If you do not, please contact your IT/Help Desk department to either gain admin rights or have a tech follow these steps for you.


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    March 4, 2010 at 3:17 pm · Reply

    Wess, what version of LoadRunner were you working with? We are working with Performance Center 8.1 and have some peculiarities.

    If we place the guixt.dll file in the LR/PC bin folder, we were able to get the script to playback in VuGen. This seems to work similarly to %windir%system32. Both are in the path for the LR/PC userid, so the DLL is found.

    However we cannot get consistent playback in Performance Center itself.

    The HP KB has an article that specifically states GuiXT is not supported, but it is an older article and I wonder if newer versions have better support. It almost seems that adding C:Program FilesSAPSAPgui to the path may go a long way towards compatibility.

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