Dec 07

DataXstream Workflow Troubleshooting Guide

By: Thomas Nittmann

This article focuses on practical techniques used to assist in the debugging and resolving workflow issues
during the development and production support phases of SAP implementations. The SAP Workflow
application incorporates the use of several components, i.e. graphical editing tool (workflow builder),
some object orientated concepts (use of the Business Object Repository), ABAP, and a hook/trigger
mechanism into one of the SAP application modules (FI, CO, MM, etc). As business requirements are
mapped into a workflow process definition and prototyping starts, debugging becomes an essential tool
to expedite the implementation of workflow process.

To read more about SAP Workflow Troubleshooting please download the whitepaper here or simply click on the “Learn More” tab to the right to request this and other DataXstream white papers.



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