Oct 06

DataXstream to Exhibit at SAP TechEd 2010

What: SAP TechEd 2010SAP TechEd 2010

When: October 18-22

Where: The Venetian/Pallazo Congress Center, Las Vegas, NV

Is virtualization in your company’s future SAP landscape vision?  How about an SAP upgrade? Are you having issues integrating SAP with other systems?  Do you want to know how Solution Manager can add tremendous value to your business?

The virtualization technology offered by DataXstream not only optimizes your SAP infrastructure, it also makes your company more sustainable.  At DataXstream we value sustainability and recognize the importance of sustainable business practices. Virtualization improves the efficiency of servers and reduces the energy and carbon emissions because fewer physical servers are actually needed to fulfill your business needs. The fact that fewer servers are used also offers the added benefit of less maintenance and back power are required. Thus, not only will you cut energy consumption, you will also cut costs. Integration is ideal if you are looking for a long-term development strategy that utilizes different technologies and methodologies. Solution manager, on the other hand, optimizes SAP performance while minimizing IT costs. Regardless of your SAP need, DataXstream is the answer to revolutionize your SAP infrastructure.

If any of these topics are relevant to you then come by booth 120 and talk to the industry’s leading technical consultants, DataXstream.

For more information visit our official Exhibitor Profile


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