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Configuring Availability Time Planning in SAP PI

A common problem in SAP PI is scheduling a particular interface to run at a particular time and date for adapters that poll (such as the file adapter). The communication channel is not a good way to handle this functionality as the polling period is reset if a change is activated or the channel is stopped and then started on the runtime workbench. The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to set up communication channels so that they “turn on” at a specific point in time and how to maintain this setting if the system needs to be restarted.

To begin, you must have a communication scenario, or at least the communication channel, already configured. Go to the Runtime Workbench (RWB) > Adapter Engine> Communication Channel Monitoring. In the top right corner of the screen there are two options that you may have overlooked dozens of times. Select Availability Time Planning:

On the next screen, fill in a description, pick a time and a duration that you would like it to run and for how long. This time period works in conjunction with the polling period used on the communication channel. For example if you polling period on the communication channel is every 5 minutes and you have the availability from 1 until 2, then the channel will poll every 5 minutes from 1 until 2. You also need to select active from this screen in order for the rule to work.

After you are done selecting the time, select the communication channel tab. I find that the filter by explicit list is often easier so select that mode, then select the communication channels that you want to affect click add and then select save.

Now you need to go back to communication channel monitoring and select the communication channel. There is an option for Automatic Control, and once you select it and your channel will turn off or on depending on the Availability Times that you configured.  One last consideration is that if someone mass starts or stops the channels, they must be in automatic control in order for the availability planning to work.

You should now be able to configure availability time planning. This feature will allow to run specific interfaces at specific times and dates, which is more robust than the standard communication channel polling interval.


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    kimwee, lee
    October 11, 2011 at 10:37 pm · Reply

    I’m woking in the ATP and not sure it would work for the outbound activities(sender is from sap system). Could you advise what approach could i use?

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