Jun 23

Webinar – Advantages to Leveraging a VMware Private Cloud in Your Next SAP Upgrade

 Duration: 30 Minutes

Speaker: Matt Lestock, Lead Infrastructure Architect, DataXstream

This session will provide you with a synopsis of the strategic advantages of virtualizing your SAP landscape, as well as an outline of the critical factors that one must consider and decide on to ensure successful execution of the virtualization process.

What Will Be Highlighted:

  • Comparing and contrasting the major differences between upgrading SAP in a physical environment vs. a virtual environment
  • Examples that illustrate virtualization’s positive impact throughout the phases of an upgrade project
  • The long-term benefits that a company will realize by having their system virtualized after the upgrade is complete
  • A real-life business case comparing hardware requirements, performance metrics, and costs of a physical hardware implementation vs. virtual hardware implementation

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