Jan 10

SAP on HANA is a Game Changer*

On January 10, 2013, SAP officially announced that SAP Business Suite (including ECC, CRM, SCM, etc.) will be available on SAP HANA.  SAP’s long anticipated move to include their in-memory database platform as a back-end database option to their popular business suite has lit up social media outlets.

According to a SAPxperts blog post by Scott Priest:

Sikka said that the availability of the Business Suite on HANA, while an accomplishment, was really just the beginning for SAP. The company’s future moves — including the development of mobile capabilities to go along with the Business Suite/HANA collaboration — will depend heavily on the Business Suite’s capabilities on HANA.

SAP Business Network on HANA has a real opportunity to change the ERP landscape as it promises significant performance and cost advantages over its competitors.  Additionally, SAP on HANA has the opportunity to bring business analytics closer to the transaction processing engine enabling truly real-time data analysis and forecasting, leaving behind the traditional OLTP/OLAP separation.

Not only is SAP Business Suite on HANA a game changer for companies that run SAP, but it also represents the single largest change in technical architecture since the inception of R/3.  If you are a SAP professional now is the time to start to educate yourself on SAP HANA (if you haven’t done so already).

SAP is currently not planning to require customers to use HANA, nor are they removing support for any existing RDBMS.  Pricing and availability were not immediately available.

More on SAP Business Suite on HANA here:

*No kittens were harmed by the existence of this post.


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