Sep 08

Customer Success Story: Fruit Growers Supply

Forced into workarounds with an aged POS system, inefficiencies caused a negative impact to Fruit Growers Supply’s top and bottom line. They needed a POS solution that could handle multiple types of payments (cash, credit, credit cards), as well as down payments with balance due at delivery, along with refund and return capabilities. Just as important, they also needed an Order Management solution that was flexible enough to handle complex order processes such as order on account with delivery over time directly from the POS terminal.

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Learn how DataXstream’s Order Management / Point Of Sale Solution for SAP enabled Fruit Growers Supply Company, the largest citrus growers coop on the West Coast, to significantly improve their competitive advantage by replacing its legacy POS with an SAP partner solution designed for specialty retail environments.


  • Charles Boyce, Fruit Growers Supply
  • Alex Perlovich, Fruit Growers Supply
  • Tim Yates, DataXstream
  • Ron Votto, DataXstream

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