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Integration and SAP Certification of a Software Provider’s Product with SAP SOLMAN JSM and SAP BW

DataXstream is proud of our history of successful partnerings with software companies requiring SAP integration and SAP certification. Called Independent Software Vendors (ISV) within the SAP ecosystem, software vendors are increasingly seeking opportunities to integrate their software with SAP to better serve clients already running SAP.

DataXstream finished an ISV Enablement project recently with a market leading software vendor. The vendor was seeking to integrate their scheduling engine with SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduling Management (JSM) component as well as the SAP BW process chain engine. The vendor had previous experience integrating with SAP when SAP was the server and their code was the client, however in this case the vendor required integration with SAP acting as the client. By partnering with DataXstream the vendor gained the expertise of DataXstream’s resources who have been implementing SAP integration solutions for the past 20 years and are very comfortable with both the design pattern and API creation required to deliver the reliable, scalable solution the vendor required.

Craig Stasila, Vice President of Product Development at DataXstream, explained that for the SOLMAN integration both SAP and the vendor had their APIs previously established; DataXstream was tasked to combine the pre-existing vendor business processes with the SAP SOLMAN JSM business processes. This required a significant amount of technical mapping and integration to allow the two systems to communicate in ways that are non-native to each other.

The SAP BW integration project involved DataXstream creating the user-interface as well as the SAP APIs required to allow SAP BW to create, manage, and execute jobs in the vendor’s workload automation product. SAP provided the SAP BW process chain framework that handled the main user-interaction. DataXstream examined the likely use cases and implemented the user interface and API required to provide interaction with the vendor’s services.

As every project is unique every project has unique challenges. In this instance the most significant challenge with the SAP SOLMAN JSM integration was a result of SAP having developed the user interface and technical interface (API) specifically for a different product that operated in a vastly different manner than our client’s software. This posed significant technical and usability issues for the product.

While the software vendor came to DataXstream seeking SAP integration and certification expertise they brought a team with strong product development methodologies and testing as well as agile project management methodologies. Craig pointed out that the client insisted on agile development practice which he says was “spot on” and something he will seek to implement on every project going forward.

Craig has stated in conversations and blog posts that clients seeking to integrate and certify their software with SAP are frequently unaware of the complexity of the process and this leads to overly optimistic budgets for time and resources to complete the project. Acquiring an understanding of the expertise, time and effort required for good SAP development and integration will help the client create a realistic budget.

DataXstream is committed to our partners’ success and provides support throughout the integration, certification and sales cycle of the product. For additional information regarding Software Integration and Certification with SAP follow these links:

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