Nov 13
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Basis Tricks: How to Reset SAP Buffers

As an SAP Basis Administrator, you may occasionally wish to reset SAP buffers in an ABAP Application Server to guarantee that data is read from the database.

CAUTION:  If you reset SAP buffers, there may be unintended consequences.  It is very likely that system performance will suffer, and worse problems may arise.  These transactions should only really be used if you are sure of what you are doing and are unable to restart the system to solve the problem.

For example, resetting the number range buffer can lead to skipped document numbers.  This isn’t a technical problem, but could lead to legal compliance issues.

To reset SAP buffers, enter the value of the appropriate transaction code from the list below.

/$SYNC --  Resets the buffers of the application server
/$CUA  --  Resets the CUA buffer of the application server
/$TAB  --  Resets the TABLE buffers of the application server
/$NAM  --  Resets the nametab buffer of the application server
/$DYN  --  Resets the screen buffer of the application server
/$ESM  --  Resets the Exp./ Imp. Shared Memory Buffer of the application server
/$PXA  --  Resets the Program (PXA) Buffer of the application server.

It is also possible to reset the user buffer in transaction SU56 using menu path Authorization Values -> Reset User Buffer


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