May 24
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We want to thank every one who made SAPPHIRENOW such a successful event for us at DataXstream. We had a great conference and hope you did as well.

Tim Yates spoke twice on the capabilities of SAP and purposefully designed Order Management, leveraging live data and how that creates increased ROI from your ERP investment. “ Simple Order Management for SAP” offered a broad industry view and was presented with Darryl Talman, Vice President of IT Business Application at Lumber Liquidators. “Simple Order Management for the Public Sector” on Thursday specifically addressed the needs of the Public Sector.

Keynotes were filled with information this year and we continue to listen to playbacks available through the SAPPHIRENOW website to catch what we might have missed the first time. Notably Nestle’s Terence Stacey caught everyone’s attention with his frank discussion of SAP’s strengths and weaknesses. Rob Enslin did an excellent job of keeping the discussion on track, but real, saying to Terence “I believe you said to me, ‘Robert we are tired of integrating your solutions for you.’ “ In reference to the complexity of working with SAP partners and acquisitions which often function as separate companies and may still be working out integration difficulties.

This seemed to have sparked a nerve within the SAP ecosphere as the line was picked up and tweeted around and several articles have already been written in regards to what Mr. Stacey meant and what SAP should be doing to alleviate this issue for clients. As DataXstream has a long history in the realm of integration we noted the comment as well. Addressing integration difficulties was central to our company’s inception and has remained a strong part of our approach as we have moved into solution development. Notably, OMS+ is the only enhanced Point of Sale / Order Management Solution currently on the market built native to SAP. This means it is designed specifically for SAP and requires no integration.

OMS+, DataXstream, SAP Solution

OMS+ solution in action at SAPPHIRENOW

The OMS+ solution was well received at SAPPHIRENOW, however if you missed the opportunity to discuss it we invite you to visit OMS+ Summary where you can browse the information or schedule a demo if you would like. Additionally if you are seeking industry specific solutions we have offerings in a variety of industries to address specific needs which you can find under OMS+ Industry Solutions. If your industry is not represented we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can build a solution for you.


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