Sep 15
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SAP Unified Commerce Platform of the Future

DataXstream’s OMS+ Enables Unified Commerce Platform On SAP

In an article released by the Boston Retail Partners Ken Morris wrote about unified commerce:

The Solution for many retailers is a unified commerce approach and the implementation of a single commerce platform with cloud-based technology and a strong mobile presence.

For the full article please see The Future POS

We agree with Mr. Morris and to that end we have developed an Order Management Solution / Point of Sale called DataXstream OMS+ which enables a unified commerce approach for SAP customers. SAP customers have the ability to interact with core ERP functionality integrating procure to pay, order to cash, and record to report business processes. DataXstream OMS+ is an Order Management Solution that enables a unified commerce platform when combined with SAP.

DataXstream OMS+ for SAP was developed with the intent to offer a high performance, customer centric application that is flexible and can be tailored to each customer’s unique business requirements. DataXstream OMS+ for SAP is build using native  HTML5, JavaScript and CSS leveraging SAP Gateway to interact directly with SAP applications  The solution utilizes dynamic design allowing the user interface to be deployed to any web enabled device.  It is implemented via SAP’s HANA Cloud platform making OMS+  a true cloud based application.

OMS+ was developed to simplify end to end business process workflows in order processing and fulfillment.  OMS+ offers a simplified user experience allowing minimally trained associates to execute complex business processes directly in SAP.  Aware of the challenges that companies face to successfully integrate a variety of technologies to serve brick and mortar, mobile, and ecommerce clients DataXstream’s OMS+ solution is designed to serve as one unified solution across all channels, enabling order processing, inventory management and distribution functionality through direct OMS+ interaction with the SAP live digital core.

OMS+ was initially design and built before SAP S/4 HANA was available and can sit on top of existing SAP ECC technology and provide superior Order Management and Point of Sale directly within SAP ECC.  OMS+ combined with  SAP S/4 HANA significantly expands the client’s ability to manage large amounts of data/transactions and report on all aspects of business performance in real-time without impacting transactional performance for end users.

At DataXstream we believe offering the client control over the user interface and the flexibility to customize the solution based on their needs significantly increases the over all value of their investment in SAP technologies and allows associates to focus on driving sales not driving systems. DataXstream’s OMS+ solution for SAP was designed to meet the needs of modern retailers, wholesalers and public sector customers enabling best in class, unified commerce capabilities within their existing SAP ERP investment.

The OMS+ design and development team will be attending SAP TechEd 2016.  We invite you to stop by our booth and check out OMS+, we are excited about our technology and would love to share our successes with your user interface development team members.


Update: OMS+ is now available in the SAP App Center

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