Sep 30

Sell Using SAP Catalogs, an OMS+ Simple Order Management for SAP feature

DataXstream OMS+ enables you to sell using SAP Catalogs.

DataXstream has been working with SAP customers helping them streamline their sales order and counter sales processes.  A frequent requirement we run into is the ability to sell materials / products that are not currently setup within SAP as a stocked material.  In industries such as home furnishings, home building products, commercial electronics, and restaurant supply we find our customers looking to offer products from other vendors.  It is not unusual for us to find customers that have requirements to sell from 20+ external catalogs. SAP lets you load and manage an internal product catalog, and also allows you to load and store external catalogs.  OMS+ leverages this standard functionality but takes it a step further and  lets you configure and subscribe to vendors catalog online so that your are always referencing the current vendor product details and pricing.

OMS+ gives you the ability to search the SAP catalogs you configure inside and outside of your orders.  This however is only the first step in the process.  How do you sell a material that is not setup in SAP?  The most common approach SAP customers use today is a generic material and they enter the details of the product into the text of the order.  A purchasing team member reviews these non-stock materials manually and goes through the steps to setup and procure the required item for the specific customer order.

To setup a new Vendor material in SAP is at minimum a three step process, with dozens of key strokes and mouse clicks.  DataXstream has developed the required workflows and automation to execute this process with just a few button clicks.  We create a material on the fly from the catalog information, we setup an SAP Source List, we generate an SAP purchasing record, and we add the new material to the order.

We have configured our OMS+ demonstration system to call Best Buy’s online product catalog in realtime.  Watch me add a new non-stock item to my order from best buy’s catalog with just a few button click.

The material is added to the order as a third party procured item and when the order is saved an SAP PReq is generated to start the purchasing process with the vendor.  The default is for the product to be received by the store for customer pickup but a simple adjustment to the SAP order line allows you to drop ship the item to the customer.

OMS+ lets you focus on your customers needs and streamlines your customer service experience.  Simplify selling products from external vendor catalogs in SAP with OMS+

Simple Order Management For SAP.

Update: OMS+ is now available in the SAP App Center


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