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SAP Transaction History

SAP Transaction History, an OMS+ Simple Order Management for SAP feature

DataXstream OMS+ Simplifies SAP Transaction History

While I was at SAP TechEd last week I started thinking about the idea of blogging on the features of OMS+ in an attempt to keep up with the rate of change within the product.  As I thought about how to present the features I decided to present them through the len of the problems/challenges we solve in SAP.  Let’s look at SAP transaction history.

I have come accustom to taking hand notes as I work within SAP to keep track of the things I am working on, so if I need to go back and look at something I did 5 minutes ago I don’t have to use SAP search help to find the specific document.  This works well but requires a pen and paper. It is also only as good as the operator of the pen.  If you are using the SAP GUI it will remember the last document you worked on within each transaction.  So if you are in an SAP order in transaction VA03 and switch to a billing document VF03 and back to the order transaction VA03, SAP will make the last order you worked on stick in the selection.  This works if you are working with a customer on a single order and you don’t need to look back very often.

In reality as a customer service representative you are typically juggling multiple customers and multiple orders at the same time.  This is absolutely the case if you are doing counter sales with customers.  You may start an order get stuck and have to wait, it is common to process another customer and then go back to the first customer’s order when they are ready to proceed.  This happens frequently when a customer picks up a wrong item, needs a price check, or an item is missing its bar code.

Keeping a history of the orders, customers, and products you last worked on in SAP seems pretty simple, the SAP GUI doesn’t do it, OMS+ make it simple.  The screenshots below show the sidebar navigator and you can see your SAP transaction history for your  last 5 orders, customers, and products.

OMS+ Last 5 SAP Orders, SAP Transaction HistoryOMS+ Last 5 Customers, SAP Transaction History  OMS+ Last 5 Materials, SAP Transaction History

OMS+ lets you focus on your customers needs and simplifies interactions with your customer.  Improve your customer service levels with SAP OMS+.  Simple Order Management For SAP.

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Update: OMS+ is now available in the SAP App Center



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