Nov 06
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DataXstream to Exhibit at NRF17 with SAP


January 15-17
New York City

DataXstream is pleased to be exhibiting at NRF17 as an SAP partner and showcasing the OMS+ Solution for SAP. OMS+ delivers next generation Order Management plus Point-of-Sale capability that runs live in SAP’s digital core for a truly unique high-touch retail experience. OMS+ seamlessly integrates with SAP Hybris to provide consistent customer experience across all channels while offering the retailer live data for improved customer service. Unified Commerce is the future of retail. OMS+ and SAP make that a reality for your company.

The term Unified Commerce is a new and exciting concept that changes how we look at the systems that support our sales operations. It builds on the concept of Omni-Channel, but it expands its scope and it changes the fundamental rules. Omni-Channel is about creating a consistent customer interaction regardless of the channel; store, call center, web or mobile. The traditional approach to Omni-Channel is to ensure that each of these channels is tightly integrated. It is common that each channel is serviced by a different system/technology with separate controls. Unified Commerce takes the traditional use of multiple channels and consolidates them into one, commerce, effectively blurring the differentiation of channels. Unified Commerce also expands its scope from consistent customer interaction across channels to consistent end to end execution of servicing the customer. This begins with product selection / merchandising, ends with order fulfillment, and includes everything that happens in between.

DataXstream’s team of experts has been helping SAP customers realize greater ROI from their ERP investment for over 20 years.  Stop by our booth at NRF17 to see OMS+ and SAP in action.  Learn how OMS+ can address many of your organization’s retail challenges, offer better customer service and take advantage of the most powerful Unified Commerce Platform on the market today.

Contact DataXstream to schedule a demonstration or set up a meeting at NRF.
Email: Sales
Phone: 757.345.3437

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