Jul 12

Simple Order Management for Wholesale and the Distribution Sector, OMS+ for SAP

Recently I was listening to a call in which members of the DataXstream team were sharing DataXstream’s OMS+ Simple Order Management for SAP Solution with a sales team in the ERP space. During the call they were asked, “Can you share a use case for the distribution sector? The sales experience in wholesale is not a counter experience.”

The answer is “yes, we can.” DataXstream does have customers in the Wholesale / Distribution Sector and our solution does address the needs specific to these sales experiences.

Frequently a sales interaction in wholesale and distribution begins with a customer lookup. OMS+ allows your representative to look up a specific customer and have access to what we call the customer snapshot. Out of the box the snapshot feature includes tracking to create a history of interactions with this customer, previous orders and deliveries, recent purchases, proof of delivery and documentation. Documentation may vary by industry to include signature capture, hazardous material documents, shipping documents, delivery to parent company or subcontractor, and a variety of other specialized needs. The snapshot is designed to offer actionable data to your representative to facilitate a quote, an order, or a customer service interaction.

Other times the sales interaction begins with a product. Perhaps your customer is seeking a specific material, and once that material is found your customer wishes to further specify by additional variables. OMS+ facilitates this material look up and ties it to actionable data so that your representative can answer questions and offer a quote, create an order or satisfy other customer service requirements. Those are just two examples of how an interaction might take place, other ways of tracking may include searching by contract, by job site, by material lot or dye number for textile and flooring industries.

In wholesale and distribution the interaction may be between customer and a counter sales person, or with a call center, or an inside sales person just to name a few. In the current market successful businesses are generating and tracking significant amounts of data and OMS+ allows your team to access actionable data in a friendly User Interface and streamline their sales processes. The solution was developed to be hardware agnostic, to work with any device, and is uniquely configurable by customer.

Technology is disrupting nearly every industry, and wholesale distribution today is in the center of this disruption. Wholesalers that focus on the customer experience and customer-centric selling processes will position their organizations for success. Connect your organization with live data and processes. Let us show you how OMS+ on SAP S/4HANA creates the digital core that will take your organization’s sales operations to new levels.

For Wholesale and Distribution Industry Specific information please click here

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