Jul 06

Simple Order Management for SAP? That is Impossible!

“Simple Order Management for SAP? That is impossible.”

This was the response the DataXstream team heard over and over again at SapphireNow Orlando. And over and over again DataXstream team members would invite the guest to walk through a demo of OMS+ Order Management Solution for SAP.

Recently I listened to several presentations of OMS+ to potential clients and partners. In one such presentation a gentleman kept saying, ‘you know, this thing you built is really cool.” A comment I heard in separate presentation was “this is all SAP but you have painted the screen.”

We claim on our website that a user without any SAP training can create, tender and deliver an order in OMS+ in 15 seconds. Our summer interns have been learning how to use various apps to record their screens as they do just that. In the office we have shown that a trained user can create a single line order, tender and deliver that order in 13 seconds.

So what is it? It is essentially a UI. (I think all the developers at DataXstream just died a little.) The point is that if the end user doesn’t know what the backend can do, that doesn’t really matter, they can still go into OMS+ and create and tender orders and do so easily and efficiently all while they access actionable data in a user friendly interface.

When the associate creates that order or accesses the data the UI is operating directly in SAP which means that every transaction is live and interacting with your company’s data. This eliminates the need to sync end of day data. It also facilitates improved customer interaction by providing actionable – real time data regarding inventory availability, payment schedules, maintenance schedules, shipping schedules and a multitude of additional information that can be made available to your representative out of the box. Built into OMS+ is functionality designed to facilitate interactions for store associates, inside sales associates, outside sales associates, customer service representatives, field sales representatives as well as counter sales representatives. Features such as cross sell, prior interactions,  availability and integrated document management are all included. Essentially, OMS+ allows your team to offer best in class customer interactions leveraging your live SAP data with very little technical training.

DataXstream invites you to watch a demonstration of OMS+ and consider that perhaps Simple Order Management for SAP is indeed possible. There are many additional capabilities supported by OMS+ that can be found on the features page. Does your company have a need that has not been addressed by our current OMS+ offering? We would welcome the feedback and look forward to the challenge. We are confident we can address that need and the specific features you require to simplify your order management processes in your organization. Simple Order Management for SAP, with OMS+ it is possible.

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