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How Gerdau Improved its SAP processes for sales order management

Gerdau is a global leader in the production of long steel and specialty steel with a significant presence in the Americas. The company serves the construction, automotive, agricultural, service center, and energy markets through its vertically integrated network of steel mills, recycling operations, and downstream processing facilities. Gerdau, an SAP customer, engaged with DataXstream to improve their customer’s buying experience and service representatives’ sales tools, leveraging DataXstream customer engagement and order management solution OMS+.

Over a 6-month period DataXstream implemented OMS+ at Gerdau and worked with Gerdau to build an industry specific solution overlay. Typically, an OMS+ implementation requires 3-4 months. In this case, Gerdau required additional new functionality like a “shipment load builder” tool as well as additional industry specific modifications to produce the most efficient customer service model for selling steel. When developing OMS+ initially the DataXstream team architected the solution with the understanding that each industry would have specific needs. The OMS+ solution was developed to allow for the rapid development of new industry specific solutions. The overall enhancement strategy is modeled after SAP’s this allows the team to build industry template overlays and design customer specific modifications while keeping the core product intact.

Every project has its specific challenges. On this project the DataXstream team was challenged to rethink data retrieval due to the volume of Gerdau’s configuration and historical data. The teams built a sandbox that was a production copy. The creation of the sandbox in front of the development landscape with production data was integral to the success of this project. The team was able to effectively create an approach with OMS+ to address the data volume challenge. This data problem led to the creation of a new strategy for customers with large amounts of historical data so that OMS+ will consume and present the data to customers effectively. DataXstream credits Gerdau’s team stating that the teams worked well together, Gerdau was very responsive and did a great job with testing.

We invite you to hear what Jon Olson has to say about this project in the SAPInsider Webinar “How Gerdau improved its SAP processes for sales order management”

OMS+ is an SAP Certified Cloud Platform application that directly interacts and transacts with your SAP ERP data. OMS+ gives your CSR the information and tools they need to quickly and effectively interact with your customer, enabling true a unified commerce experience. The OMS+ Solution is featured in the SAP APP Center.
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