Sep 28

SAP Tech Ed 2018 – Making the Intelligent Enterprise Real with Hybrid Application Design

Tech Ed 2018 – Here we Come

Look out Vegas.  It’s that time again – SAP Tech Ed 2018.  Be sure to catch the executive keynote with Bernd Leukert.  Also, here at DataXstream, we wanted to make you aware of an opportunity that you do not want to miss.  Tim Yates, one of our founding partners and biggest Tech Geeks, will be speaking at TechEd this year.  At DataXstream, our products and solutions contribute to Making the Intelligent Enterprise Real.  Come listen and learn as Tim shares his valuable insight into how you can build your own Intelligent Enterprise using Hybrid Application Design.

Tim Yates

Although Tim’s primary responsibility is driving one of the fastest growing companies in the SAP Ecosystem, he can’t stop himself from keeping his programming skills sharp and remaining on the leading edge of technology advancement.  Tim excels in building bridges from today’s technology to tomorrow’s.  We are talking about real world solutions to problems the typical enterprise faces today. With over 20 years of dedicated SAP technical expertise and a lifetime of pushing the envelope, Tim has lots to share.

Synopsis – Hybrid Application Design

Yes, we all agree that SAP makes great software, but what works for all, doesn’t always work for you.  That’s where we come in – making it personal.  So, you need to extend your SAP Solution to really make it fit like a glove for your custom use case.  Where do you start?  In this presentation, Tim will share real world examples of Classic SAP Extensions,  SAP Cloud Extensions, and Hybrid Application Extensions.  After discussing the pros and cons of each approach, he will deep dive into Hybrid Application design and demonstrate the capabilities and benefits hybrid applications can bring to your enterprise.

Mark Your Calendar

SAP TechED 2018 – Wed, Oct 3 @ 2 PM – Tim Yates, DataXstream CEO and Principal Architect speaking on Hybrid Application Design – Making the Intelligent Enterprise Real

Catch the Replay: 

About The Author

Tim has over 25 years of business experience with the last 20 focused on SAP systems architecture and program delivery. He has a broad range of experience with a pragmatic, get the job done approach to engagements. Tim specializes in development of SAP technical strategies and services for clients having successfully lead multiple programs and projects. His extensive SAP technical and functional background has enabled him to thrive in environments of all sizes and complexities.

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