Oct 28

Featurette Four: Integrated SIP Phone

Empower your users with a SIP phone, or “soft phone”, integrated directly into OMS+.  When a customer calls in, OMS+ will immediately cross reference your customer tables to see if the phone number matches any of your current customers. When a match is located, OMS+ will immediately open the page for that customer, enabling the user to have an overview of all of the customer information.  This allows the user to quickly find past orders, items, sales history, and much more – all on the fly while greeting the customer.  Throughout the call, OMS+ will keep track of interactions made with the customer.  When the call is complete a call overview screen will launch, showing all of the orders made during the call, providing a link to all of the orders made during the call, and allows the user to add a title or notes to the call ticket.

OMS+, reinvents the Sales and Distribution landscape providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP. And it does it all in real time. With OMS+, sales associates and customer service reps gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools they need to win in today’s marketplace. Learn more, visit the SAP App Center

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