Oct 14
cross-plant sourcing feature in OMS+ SAP Certified Order Management Solution

Featurette One: Cross-Plant Sourcing

DataXstream is proud to present the first video of our newest series focused on the key functions of our product OMS+. Each week we will release a brief demonstration video geared towards simplifying our clients’ sales order processes. This series will include both newly developed functions as well as standard ones. If you would like to learn more regarding the specific function demonstrated, or the product in general, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Our first function featurette demonstrates the cross-plant sourcing feature offered with OMS+. This feature enables the user to have increased visibility and sales agility by providing a graphical based overview of inventory for all plants and items in the order.  It empowers the user by enabling them to source materials from all available plants as necessary. A built in “Auto-Source” button provided by OMS+, simplifies the process further. When used it will automatically source from the closest plant that has enough inventory to deliver the full order for each item.  If none of your plants have the inventory necessary to fulfill the order the user has the ability to change the order type on the fly, easily allowing them to change an item to a vendor drop ship.


OMS+, reinvents the Sales and Distribution landscape providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP.  And it does it all in real time.  With OMS+, sales associates and customer service reps gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools they need to win in today’s marketplace. Learn more, visit the SAP App Center

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