Oct 18

Featurette Two: Find Alternative Items

Featurette two focuses on our OMS+ “Find Alternatives” capability. This feature empowers users, through increased visibility and sales agility, by utilizing a powerful graphical interface that can be launched DIRECTLY from the order screen. When opened, the “Alternative Materials” window will appear above the order and show various options. These include;  suitable replacement materials, their current stock, the ability to add the item to the current order, as well as the ability to reject the previous material. While this feature may not be an intricate part of every order, it is perfect for times where you realize you are out of stock on a material and need to quickly find an alternative for your customer on the fly. Simply launch the window from the drop-down menu for the line item you need to substitute, choose a replacement item, and OMS+ will take care of the rest


OMS+, reinvents the Sales and Distribution landscape providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP. And it does it all in real time. With OMS+, sales associates and customer service reps gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools they need to win in today’s marketplace. Learn more, visit the SAP App Center

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