Nov 22

Featurette Eight: Order Tender and Return

Featurette Eight: Order Tender and Return is number eight in our series of featurette videos created to explore the many features of DataXstream’s OMS+ Solution.

One of the primary features of an order management system is to create orders.  This demo shows how simple it is to create a standard order, tender the order, deliver the order, and perform a return. And it is  all done with just a few clicks.  By streamlining this process into a simple and user-friendly display the need for user trainer is significantly reduced. Additionally users are able to more efficiently utilize their time with the customer and creating a better consumer experience. OMS+ handles every aspect of the order tendering process, making order creation in SAP easier than ever.

OMS+ is DataXstream’s Order Management / Point of Sale Solution designed specifically for SAP. OMS+, reinvents the Sales and Distribution landscape providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP. And it does it all in real time. With OMS+, sales associates and customer service reps gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools they need to win in today’s marketplace. This solution is SAP certified and is compatible with ECC and S/4.

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