Dec 16

Featurette Nine: Simple Order View

Featurette Nine: Simple Order View is number nine in our series of featurette videos created to explore the many features of DataXstream’s OMS+ Solution.

OMS+’s Simple Order View allows you to create an order, add materials, and tender the order, all in the same window.  This enables fast transactions within a simple and intuitive interface.  Simple Order View works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as your typical desktop or tablet device. This is helpful in situations where your Customer Service Representative is interacting with a customer in the warehouse or on the store room floor.

OMS+ is an SAP Certified Order Management / Point of Sale Tool designed to be easy to use. OMS+ sits on top of your SAP platform and interacts with SAP data in real time.  When it comes to fast, intuitive, and simple transactions within SAP, it doesn’t get easier than Simple Order View within OMS+.

OMS+ reinvents Sales and Distribution by providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP. And it does it all in real time. With OMS+ sales associates and customer service reps gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools they need to win in today’s marketplace. Learn more, visit

find OMS+ in the SAP APP Center 

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