Jun 08

Featurette Thirteen: Rounding Profiles


To wrap up our series on material entry in OMS+, I want to briefly show you how our rounding profiles work when dealing with Unit of Measure.  When communicating with a customer, they have specific needs that do not always line up with the default Unit of Measure.  In this example, we will look at some hardwood flooring which is sold by the CAR, or carton.  One CAR is 36 square feet.  Rather than have the customer or the sales rep do the math to figure out the amount of cartons required to fulfill the customers needs, OMS+ will do that for you using rounding profiles.  If the customer needs 100 square feet, OMS+ will automatically calculate the amount of cartons required.

Having already added the material to the line, we can see that we have 1 CAR which is the minimum amount purchasable.

Switching our unit of measurement to FT2, or square feet, we can see the quantity becomes 36.

Now, when the customer says they need 100 square feet, we can simply change the quantity to 100 and press enter to update the order.

Now we can see that when we updated the order, OMS+ knows that it will require three cartons to have 100 square feet and will update the quantity to 108 square feet to reflect that.

If we were to change the quantity to 50 square feet, we would again simply update the quantity field to 50 and press enter to update the order.

We can see that OMS+ knows it will require 2 cartons to fulfill an order of 50 square feet and will update the quantity field to 72.

While this feature may not be used by everyone, for those dealing with multiple units of measure, it is very convenient.  OMS+ is smart and will handle all these calculations for you – eliminating user error and increasing sales agility.

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