The OMS+ Rental Management is designed to streamline asset management for rental businesses. Built on SAP BTP’s back end, OMS+ extends its order management capabilities to include all the details required to rent assets and manage them end-to-end. Businesses can create and manage multiple rental contracts for different customers, all in one convenient location. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to track items by asset and by calendar. It also allows customers to navigate and modify contracts as needed, ensuring a seamless rental experience for both businesses and customers. Try our OMS+ Rental Management today and discover the benefits of efficient, streamlined rental management. Contact us to learn more!

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Rental Process
Rental Calendar
Check-in and Check-out Procedure

Rental Process

  • Full view of rental equipment availability
  • Improved cross-data validation (Check-in/out dates, equipment availability, etc.)
  • Custom rental characteristic comparisons
  • 360-degree view of rental and customer
  • Billing and contract creation
  • Separate contracts based on your unique needs
  • Serial assignment on the same screen
  • Integrates with third-party service providers
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Rental Calendar IMG

Rental Calendar

  • See what types of equipment are available
  • View pending check-in/check-out status
  • Rent equipment by the serial number for tracking purposes
  • Transfer rental location with ease
  • Easily swap units within the same rental agreement

Check-in & Check-out inspection

  • Inspection checklist and sign-offs
  • Paperless delivery with e-signature
  • Photo check-in/check-out capabilities
  • Documented inspection with images and documents
  • Automatic creation of Deliveries, Material movements, etc.
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