SAP Project Management

Our deep SAP domain expertise and industry experience enable DataXstream consultants to effectively set direction on any SAP project.

Project Leadership

Setting the right direction and leading your team are critical factors to any SAP program’s success; DataXstream understands this, our consultants understand this. These critical factors apply to all levels of SAP project management from the overall program to specific business solutions.

Expert Leadership

Our senior level consultants have an ideal combination of technical expertise, business leadership, management, and project foresight that allows us to effectively lead a team in an entire project lifecycle. We have experience running entire SAP projects and integrating both organizations on small and large-scale clients. Our experience allows us to understand client needs and adhere to industry standard methodology and processes for successful SAP implementations, enhancements, and on-going support.

Informed Project Plans and Estimates

When it comes to project planning, DataXstream provides our clients with realistic project forecasts, deliverable timelines, estimated costs, and resource needs. Recognizing that our customers are often unable to project real-world timelines and costs for SAP projects, DataXstream works alongside its clients, guiding them to an appropriate statement-of-work (SOW) rather than simply responding to the customer’s expressed criteria.  This greatly reduces the chances of “surprises” occurring mid-project that extend timelines and increase costs. DataXstream doesn’t “sugarcoat” expectations. Before we even submit a formalized quote, we make sure you know the best-case, worst-case, and most realistic outlook of any of your undertakings. Moreover, once we have a contract in place with you, we fulfill our end of the bargain, regardless of any obstacles that do arise during the implementation.

SAP Project LifeCycle Services


We can help you in your pre-implementation activities to ensure that the SAP software you select is the right one for you, with enough scalability as your business grows. We also develop short, medium, and long-term road maps so you have a clear understanding of what it means to be running on an SAP software platform, with minimal surprises.

Project Execution

We provide a full range of services from strategic consulting to hands-on construction of the solution. At a strategic level, we help determine business priorities and identify where a business can derive the most benefit in a reasonable time, and at a reasonable cost. At a tactical level, we work with clients to determine how to best achieve the strategy. At the execution level, we work side-by-side with our clients to design, develop, and deliver on the strategic goals.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that post-implementation processes deliver:

  • A sustainable support model to keep the productive system running
  • A robust issue management process
  • A clear path forward for future releases and upgrades.

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