OMS+ for Public Sector

Streamline your Operation, Increase Efficiency , Create a Better Experience for your Residents as Customers 

SAP has Public Sector offerings for the local level, the state level and Federal level organizations. Within these distinctions every municipality has unique requirements, unique rules around transactions, and many unique departments. Traditionally the differences and complexity of the rules have created silos that operate independently of one another creating a lack of communication between departments and a frustrating customer experience for residents. OMS+ is designed with the flexibility to accommodate the specific needs required by each administration.

OMS+ can meet the needs of all municipal departments including:

Waste Management

Permit Management



Clerk Desk

Marina Operations

Airport Operations

Parks and Recreation

Police Department

Fire Department


Cultural Centers

Many municipalities operate like a dozen small business loosely held together. OMS+ is a single solution that can manage across all of those instances and create a more efficient system that offers a better user experience for your tax payers. One unified system allows for a 360 degree view of your citizen as a customer and with proper permissions allows one clerk to answer and assist a customer across a broad spectrum of needs. Additionally using one unified system minimizes the need for specialized training and increases the capability to cross-train employees to better manage challenging times.

Built on the SAP Cloud platform, the DataXstream OMS+ application is easy to deploy. Its tight integration with SAP SD and FI allows for simplified reconciliation and revenue recognition. DataXstream’s solution helps organizations leverage live reporting of their business activities – an invaluable benefit for operations and reporting.

Features and Functions

  • Purpose-built for SAP
  • Capable of complex pricing requirements
  • Multi tender / payment support
  • Configurable refund and returns processes
  • Simple, flexible issuing capabilities
  • Partial payment / partial issues
  • Flexible hardware integration with: Line display, MSR, signature capture, and chip & pin devices
  • Document repository and display capabilities for permits, tax exempt forms, waivers, etc.

Streamlined Search

Service representatives have access to powerful search features built in to the OMS+ solution. They can intuitively search for customers and service items. Searching for a customer’s previous transactions is also much easier with the ability to restrict the search by a specific credit card. The streamlined search capacity of DataXstream’s OMS+ POS system saves time and effort, eliminating the need to negotiate through a complex search process.

Flexible Payment and Tendering

DataXstream’s OMS+ solution was designed specifically to manage complex service transactions. Payments can be processed in a number of ways: cash, credit card, and checks are all supported. Additionally, there is support available for gift card processing and store credit if they fit the business requirements.

Taking multiple forms of payment on a single transaction is also supported and the OMS+ tracks these complex payment scenarios in an easy-to-follow user interface so the service associate can easily keep track of payments taken and balance due. Credit card and electronic check approval flow into the OMS+ and are immediately recognizable as approved or declined when the solution is integrated with a card swipe device and check reader. A card processor/gateway is also required.

Intuitive End-User Design

Improving the associates’ end-user experience results in better customer service. One of the greatest benefits of the DataXstream OMS+ application is that it requires no SAP knowledge. Associates need just a basic working knowledge of the service process. The easy to use user interface allows counter associates to perform highly complex order processing in the background.

Real time Reporting

The DataXstream OMS+ application is designed with simplicity in mind. Simplified controls allow associates to access detailed customer information. The functionality allows tracking of important information in real-time: previous transactions, what payments have been made, what services have been delivered, as well as providing a clear history of returns and refunds.

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