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Finally, an Order Management Solution that can move at the speed of business. Remove barriers to progress instead of being one.  OMS+ gives organizations unprecedented business process flexibility for their order management platform.  With its ability to customize, personalize, and evolve over time, OMS+ quickly adapts to your organization and enhances your capability to win in the marketplace.

Tailored Order Management

OMS+ Order Management Solution, Customer Management


OMS+ opens up significantly more options for building a custom fit solution for your order management needs beyond what is available in SAP’s IMG. One of the major obstacles of achieving a custom fit to your order management solution lies in the fact that the user interface for SAP is largely static in nature and transaction based.  OMS+ approaches Order Management from a process-centric perspective and allows for a much deeper level of customization.  For example, OMS+ allows for the configuration of screen flows, layouts, and functions based upon order attributes.

Additionally, configuration that is maintained SAP can be further managed in OMS+.  For example, say you have 47 different order types in SAP, yet each of your different sales areas only use four to five of those order types.  OMS+ allows you to tailor the available values by sales area.

Other examples are customized operations based on job role, customizable field visibility, event-based blocking, and dashboard widget preferences – just to name a few.

User Based Personalization


As powerful as the customizing features of OMS+ are, it doesn’t stop there.  OMS+ plus allows for additional personalization for dashboards, line layouts, order display values and more.  This is especially helpful for power users and managers to work the way they want and need to work.

For some situations, standardization is the key.  For example, you may want a POS terminal look the same way everywhere for everyone.  This ensures anyone can hop on a terminal at any given time and know exactly what to expect.  Yes, OMS+ can limit personalization where required.

Adapt on the Fly


Although the customization and personalization features in OMS+ are quite exhaustive, hands down the most powerful feature is the ability of OMS+ to adapt to changing business requirements.  As your business evolves, OMS+ moves with you.  Its flexible process framework allows OMS+ to respond to your business changes with ease.

The user interface of OMS+ is browser-based and developed using the latest industry standards such as HTML5, CSS and javascript.  The interface is architected to allow for customer enhancement without limiting the ability to receive product updates or future upgrades.  The back-end of OMS+ runs directly in SAP S4HANA or ECC and leverages the standard SAP development stack.

Sell Better


Don’t run tomorrow’s business on yesterday’s software.  Build capability and flexibility into your Order Management solution today.  Sell better with OMS+

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